There’s Something Very Different About The Homeless People In This Train Station. Take A Look.

Like many other large cities, Tokyo, Japan, has a sizable homeless population. There’s something different about the homeless in Tokyo, though, especially those living in Shinjuku Station. Instead of living with messy bags and shopping carts in tow, this group of homeless people decided to do something a little different.

They don’t bother passers by and they don’t create a mess. The people who live in the station have an organized little community… of cardboard homes.


Those who live in the boxes typically have a simple setup.

But sometimes, it’s more elaborate.


A few of the box “houses” even have rooms.

The homeless here view the boxes as homes.

The community is large and it seems that they all adhere to a set of rules.

Many of those living in the station have their boxes and then also small necessities for daily life.

The homeless population is visible to the public.


But quite often they keep to themselves.


The ingenuity seen with some of the box homes is incredible.
live-in-a-box12 live-in-a-box13 live-in-a-box14

It’s hard to imagine living in a world like this.
live-in-a-box15 live-in-a-box16 live-in-a-box18 live-in-a-box21

What the homeless are doing in the train station is quite incredible; they were able to build a community with little or no possessions.

Photos: Michael Wolf Photography



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