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There’s A Place You Can Barely See In The Middle Of The Desert. But When You Go Closer… AMAZING

If you searched for the Sahara desert on Google Maps, you’d find a little speck that’s located in the desert. That little speck, though, is a geological and zoological wonder. If you were trekking through the desert, if you saw it in the distance you would think that it’s just a happy mirage…

It’s called the Guelta d’Archei and it is an oasis, (actually a guelta). A guelta is a type of wetland you will typically find in the desert. And what happens there is a beautiful miracle.


Google Maps

It’s located smack dab in the middle of the Sahara.

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Appears that those people in Australia are really weird !

Where are all of the people ???
In the town of Coober pedy in Australia you can find the biggest opal supply in THE WORLD, almost 95% of the world’s opal is being supplies by this little place. Only 3000 people live here but where are they ?

UNDERGROUND ! yes yes underground, apparently all of the city is located underground…

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