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Most touching message from Ukraine, SHARE!

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How Russia treats gay people, horrable !

“Russian officials embolden homophobes and their violent attacks,”Human Rights Watch Russia researcher Tanya Cooper said in a new video documenting attacks on LGBT people in Russia.

Passage of the “homosexual propaganda” ban and anti-gay statements by leading public figures appear to have fed growing anti-gay violence in Russia in recent months. These include multiple assaults on one of Moscow’s most popular gay clubs; sting operations by organizations like Occupy Pedophilia, where gay men are abducted and humiliated in online videos; and an attack on a social gathering at an HIV services organization in St. Petersburg.

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Russian dating site SUPER STARS !


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Russians + Photoshop = You wont believe its real !

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The best Russian weddings pictures. You have to see it !

Most hilarious Russian wedding pictures ever !


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The Kiev warzone, you wont believe its real !

The area around central Kiev descended into a warzone on Wednesday with protesters and police clashing against a backdrop of flames, burning tyres and snow. Heavily armoured officers met protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, and brandishing chains and guns. Three people have already died, according to emergency services, with more fatalities expected.

Despite appeals for calm, police in riot gear confronted the anti-government protesters with force after Prime Minister Mykola Azarov continued to take a tough line, branding the protesters “terrorists”.

Although President Viktor Yanukovich has held talks with opposition leaders, the violence, sparked when Ukraine ditched a trade deal with the European Union and turn to Russia for financial aid late last year, looks set to continue.


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Only in Russia…

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