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NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken And It Will Shake Up Your Universe

2015-01-19 20_27_05-Gigapixels of Andromeda [4K] - YouTube

Have you seen the largest picture ever taken? For the record, it’s a mammoth 1.5 billion pixel image (69, 536 x 22, 230) and requires about 4.3 GB disk space. Oh, and it’ll take your breath away.

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It Might Seem A Little Creepy At First, But This Is The Most Awesome Place In The World

The giant panda is a rare and beloved animal that is on the endangered animals list. There are less than an estimated 2,000 individuals are alive in the wild and they only live on the six major mountain ranges in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces of China. Because these cherished animals are facing extinction, there are entire research centers dedicated to saving the species.

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is just one of those centers. Chengdu is the ancient home of the giant pandas, so it’s the perfect spot to study and help the animal. Working at a place like this would be so satisfying… and also adorable. These photos were taken from inside the center. To work here would be so many people’s dream job.

The breeding center was created by Director Zhang Hemin.
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There’s A Place You Can Barely See In The Middle Of The Desert. But When You Go Closer… AMAZING

If you searched for the Sahara desert on Google Maps, you’d find a little speck that’s located in the desert. That little speck, though, is a geological and zoological wonder. If you were trekking through the desert, if you saw it in the distance you would think that it’s just a happy mirage…

It’s called the Guelta d’Archei and it is an oasis, (actually a guelta). A guelta is a type of wetland you will typically find in the desert. And what happens there is a beautiful miracle.


Google Maps

It’s located smack dab in the middle of the Sahara.

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These guys climbed second tallest building in the world, CRAZY !

Today we will show you how to climb on second tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower, China.

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He Posted One Photo To Facebook 3 Years Ago. It Changed His Life… And After This, I Can See Why.

These incredibly adorable photographs of children enjoying life out in the vast Nebraskan countryside are the works of Jake Olson, a Nebaska-based photographer who owns a photography studio in Blair.

The photos do such an amazing job at conveying the innocence of children and their love for life. When combined with natural outdoor light and those endless dirt roads Nebraska is so famous for, pure magic is created.

Even better, Jake didn’t pick up a camera until 2011. After posting a photo to Facebook, which received lots of positive feedback, he decided to start doing it professional… and has never looked back. Jake has a “belief that everything in the world is beautiful as long as we take the time to look at it allows him to take normal, everyday subjects and transform them into enchanting images focused on breathtaking light and color.”

I couldn’t agree more. Just check out his photos.


Jake Olson

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Baby Girl Experiences Rain For The First Time AMAZING !

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They Call This The Most Beautiful River In The World. When You See It, You’ll Probably Agree.

The river shown in the photographs below is Caño Cristales, an amazingly colorful river in Colombia. The river takes on many different colors, including yellow, green, blue, black, but especially red, caused by the weeds at the bottom of the river (Macarenia clavigera).

The river is commonly called “The River of Five Colors”, “The Liquid Rainbow” “The River That Ran Away to Paradise”, and “The Most Beautiful River in the World” due to its striking colors.

Appears that those people in Australia are really weird !

Where are all of the people ???
In the town of Coober pedy in Australia you can find the biggest opal supply in THE WORLD, almost 95% of the world’s opal is being supplies by this little place. Only 3000 people live here but where are they ?

UNDERGROUND ! yes yes underground, apparently all of the city is located underground…

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