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This Hamster Just Stuffed 5 Baby Carrots In His Mouth

Never underestimate the size of a hamster’s cheek pouch!

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No Matter How Much You Look At These 20 Photos, You Can’t Explain Them. Seriously, #3… What?

The 20 images you’re about to see are beyond explanation. These completely random and bizarre photos can best be summarized by one phrase: “You just had to be there.” It would almost be impossible to deduce why things happened they way they did.

Why is that man covered in bread? Is that chimp drunk? What is going on here? (Prepare yourself. Things are going to get a little weird.)

1.) Hey, tigers like hot tubs, too.

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Here Are 10 Completely Stupid Selfies That Got People Arrested. #4 Really Deserved It.

In this digital age, many people are obsessed with documenting almost everything they do. Meals, concerts, social gatherings and even aspects of parenting are photographed and uploaded to social media. In most cases, this information overload is an annoyance, but sometimes it can actually be a life saver.

Before, after and while committing crimes, these stupid criminals decided to take selfies. Those ridiculous selfies would be their undoing.

1.) Before robbing a restaurant of $400, these Swedish girls took a selfie. They were later tracked down at one of their grandmother’s house.

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Once You See This List, You Might Feel Really, Really Old… But It’s Awesome.

A lot can happen in 25 years. After all, it is two and a half decades. That’s enough time for a baby to mature into an adult. In the past 25 years, so many things have happened, but you might not even realize JUST how many. That’s why we’re going to show you.

You may feel a little old as you read this list, but it’s still truly fascinating.

1.) The Tienanmen Square Massacre

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23 Insanely Romantic Ways To Say I Love You


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This cat is so sweet, asking for apology. But thats not everything ;)

This banned commercial will make you go horny and hungry at the same time

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Never skip a penis day

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An ice breaker

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Word by cat GOD

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